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YOUR FIRST DENTURES (Immediate / Surgical Dentures)

Immediately after extractions, most people want a denture to "fill in the gap" so they do not have to eat or be seen in public without teeth.

This is referred to as an immediate, surgical denture or temporary denture. The benefits are more than appearance - it also helps to stop the bleeding and keeps the extraction sites clean. Immediate dentures also have a temporary soft liner called a tissue conditioner that protects your sensitive gums during the healing process. Immediate dentures are often considered transitional or temporary dentures as the mouth drastically changes significantly within the first year.

Adjusting to an immediate denture can be a difficult transition. In a recent study, 88% of denture patients stated that they had difficulty with speech, of which 25% reported very difficult problems.

Chewing food can also be challenging. In the beginning, your mouth is very sensitive and also everything hurts. Once the healing is complete, 95% of your bite strength is gone as your gums cannot bear the load that natural teeth can bear. Your bite force will reduce from approximately 1000 pounds per square inch (psi) to just 50 psi with dentures.

In response to several requests from first-time denture patients, we are pleased to introduce our "New Denture Patient Program". This program is designed for first time denture patients and includes a wide range of services at a discounted price to help adjust to dentures. To learn more about this new program, Book your FREE CONSULTATION with your Northwest Calgary Denture specialist at Canadian Denture Centres. During your free consultation we can address any questions or concerns you may have. 

The most important thing to remember is bone loss. Bone loss will continue year after year, and the problems you experience with your dentures will generally be linked to the amount of bone remaining in your mouth. In the first year alone, bone shrinks by approximately 25%. These pictures illustrate how much the bone shrinks, compared to where it was when natural teeth were in place. (See common denture problems)

The only way to stop bone loss is with dental implants. Below is a comparison of Dental Implants and a removable denture.

Patient's Mouth After Extraction

We highly recommend that patients getting their teeth removed consider Dental Implants. The benefits include:

  • Reduced Procedures & Length of Treatment - Dental implants can be placed at the same time as your extractions. This means you only need 1 appointment and 1 round of freezing instead of 2. Less visits to the dentist and less healing time
  • Forget Dentures - A fixed arch can also be placed on the same time as your extractions eliminating the need to ever wear dentures.
  • Less Irritation - Many patients have explained the placement of an implant as being less invasive than having a dental cleaning or a tooth extracted.
  • Maximum Bone - The bone in your mouth will begin to shrink as much as 25% in the first year after extractions. By placing an implant the day of the extractions, you ensure that you have the maximum amount of bone.
  • Reduced Follow-Ups - When teeth are extracted, your mouth changes drastically in the 1st year. This transition can be difficult for patients as a couple adjustments within the first 2-4 weeks are generally required followed by many tissue conditioners and a permanent reline. All of this occurs within the next year.
  • Esthetics - When teeth are removed, the gums surrounding the tooth can sometimes be maintained. Your "denture" can essentially be a row of teeth which are connected and secured in place. Nobody will even notice that you're wearing "dentures".
Whether you live in Calgary, Airdrie, Sundre, Cochrane or surrounding areas, the possibility of wearing dentures for the first time can be overwhelming. We suggest that you book a FREE CONSULTATION with your Northwest Calgary Denture specialist at Crowchild Denture Clinic. During your free consultation we can address any questions or concerns you may have.
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