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Utilize your 2015 Insurance Benefits - Celebrate the New Year with a New Smile!

Denture Insurance Coverage

Author: Steve
Many health benefit programs renew on January first, meaning that you have a full year worth of denture health benefits that can now be utilized. Utilizing your dental health benefits can save you money down the road and ensure that you continue to receive the best possible denture and dental implant treatment. Maintaining your oral health is a crucial part of maintaining your overall health. 

If you are unsure if your dental insurance has renewed and are interested in getting dentures or dental implants, our Calgary denture experts can help you get the information you need. During your Free Consultation, we can send in a pre-authorization directly to your insurance company on your behalf. There is no charge for this service and no obligation to proceed with treatment once your insurance company responds. A denture pre-authorization is simply a hypothetical quote that your insurance company provides. If you choose to go ahead with treatment, you know exactly what your insurance coverage is. 

All patients of Crowchild Denture Clinic are also automatically added to our complimentary annual recare program where the fit and function of your denture is evaluated every year, free of charge. This added benefit helps patients ensure they are getting the most out of their dentures and dental implants, and also ensures that they fully utilize their health benefits for Calgary Dentures and Calgary Dental Implants. 

Some dental insurance companies are also starting to recognize the benefits of dental implants and have started to provide coverage for Calgary dental implants. This life changing treatment has greatly improved the quality of life for millions of people worldwide.  

Don't hesitate, book your free consultation today to get the most out of your health benefit program. We work directly with all insurance companies in Alberta. The Alberta government also provides coverage through the Alberta Blue Cross Seniors Benefit Program. To see if you are eligible, book your free consultation with our Calgary Denturists.  
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