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Calgary Dentures - Free Parking & Wheel Chair Accessible!

Author: Steve
If you live in Calgary you know, parking can be a pain! As Calgary's leading denture clinic and dental implant clinic, we are always interested to know how we can improve YOUR patient experience. In health care industries, we realize that the smallest things can have a big impact on the overall patient experience. Did you know that all of our Calgary Denture locations have free parking and are fully wheel chair accessible

Many years ago we asked patients what makes a difference when attending a health care professionals office in Calgary? The answer surprised all of our staff; Free Parking. Convenient parking plays a major role in the ease of access to our clinics. When acquiring clinics, we always ensure that there is sufficient, free parking for our value patients. 

All of our Calgary Denture Clinics are proud to offer free and convenient parking and are wheel chair accessible. 

What would improve your patient experience? Email suggestions to Feedback is the greatest gift.
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