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What is Fixed Bridgework?

What is Fixed Bridgework?

Author: Crowchild Dentures/Wednesday, February 3, 2016/Categories: Uncategorized

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, there are a number of restoration options, including temporary and fixed ones. Fixed bridgework, as the name suggests, is a permanent way to fill one or more spaces between your teeth, whereby the bridgework is attached to teeth on both sides of a gap, and prosthetic teeth span the entire area.

What to expect

The bridgework is typically made from custom porcelain with a precious metal framework underneath to provide strength, though it can also be made entirely of titanium, cast gold, or some other metal. The porcelain/metal blend offers the best combination of aesthetics and strength. There are also metal-free (all-ceramic) bridge options that offer a different set of properties compared to porcelain-on-metal, though they are only suitable for few specific cases.

On your second visit, the temporary covers are removed and your personalized bridgework fitted in. Any minor adjustments can then be made before the bridgework is bonded or cemented onto the adjacent teeth.

Caring for your bridgework

Cleaning your bridgework should be treated just like  your natural teeth. However, you cannot floss between the bridged teeth as with natural teeth; your denturist will give you a few tips to floss under the bridge, which may involve using a special floss threader or "super floss".

As with any dental restorative procedure, fixed bridgework should only be considered after consultation and careful planning. Please contact our Calgary-based Crowchild Denture Clinic for further assistance from our denture specialists and to find out about alternative teeth replacement options.

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