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Denture Pricing

Most Insurance companies will only cover new dentures every 5 years; getting new dentures is a major decision to make. It is impossible to compare dentures the way you would compare other products. There is no Consumer Reports for dentures because they are customized and personalized, not mass produced.  Living with a product for 5 years is a long time, so it is crucial that you obtain services from someone whom you trust and respect.  

At Crowchild Denture Clinic, we made a commitment to compete on quality, not price. We believe in providing patients with premium services at affordable prices. We believe that everyone can compete on price by simply using inexpensive materials and low cost manufacturing methods; but not everyone can compete on quality. When it comes to our health, low cost alternatives are rarely the best long term solution. Multiple studies have shown that inexpensive teeth and acrylic wear down faster, feel dull, break more and the patient experiences much more discomfort. We only use premium quality teeth on your dentures.  

We encourage our patients to shop around as we have found that once patients shop around, they recognize that our prices are extremely competitive and our quality and service is unmatched. We encourage you to ask the right questions:

  • Do you offer a guarantee on your dentures? We offer a full year guarantee on dentures instead of 3 months, the industry norm. We are so confident in our work that we stand behind our work on all of our dentures.
  • What kind of teeth do you use? At Crowchild Denture Clinic we only use premium teeth imported from Europe from a company founded in 1923. If you are unsure if the teeth are premium teeth or not, ask your Northwest Calgary Denture Specialist. Education is always free at Crowchild Denture Clinic.
  • What kind of processing system do you use? At Crowchild Denture Clinic, we use the IVOCAP injection system which is the strongest, most accurate and healthiest system. Only 15% of the industry uses this system due to the complexity in mastering the technique which Crowchild Denture Clinic has mastered in the last decade by processing thousands of dentures in Calgary.
  • What is your follow up care policy? Most denturists will adjust your dentures for 3 months. At Crowchild Denture Clinic, we offer a full year of follow up care and automatically enroll patients into our Free Annual Recare Program where our Northwest Calgary Denture Specialists assess the fit and function of your dentures annually.
  • How much combined experience does your clinic have? At Crowchild Denture Clinic, we have over a century of combined experience dealing with the most complex denture cases. We know the power of teamwork and work together to deliver the most beneficial treatment to our patients. We are proud of the work we do helping thousands of Calgary Denture patients smile with confidence.

Should you find a competitor who offers all of the services listed above for a decreased price, we will gladly match their prices; as we have yet to find one. This is why we refer to these value added services as "The CDC Difference".

Denture Financing

After interviewing over a dozen dental financing companies, we have teamed up with the companies offering patients the best interest rates with the most flexible terms.

As a matter of professional ethics, we make no profits from financial services. We are here to make treatment affordable and provide Calgary denture patients with the best quality dentures at the best price - that is our sole and undivided focus.

  • Competitive Interest rates - Our financing rates are currently less than 9%, while many bank credit cards are over 20%. Over a five year period, this is a major cost savings to you.
  • Zero Payments for three months - We pay 100$ of interest charges for three full months, giving you the ability to receive your insurance cheque without having to pay that amount out of pocket.
  • Keep your insurance cheque - You can decide to finance the whole cost of your dentures and keep your insurance cheque to go on that family vacation you've always wanted. 
  • Equal monthly payments - Equal monthly payments for 3-5 years.
  • No penalty or early payout - You can pay off any or all of your denture financing with no penalty on early payout.

Our denture prices start at $34/month for economy dentures, $49/month for personalized dentures and $142/month for implant retained options.

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